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Grasping the sand as it slips through my fingers

It dawned onto me how our days refuse to linger.


CATORCE : Encendido Abismo.

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“Look, Look, the sea is churning!”

Cried the fishermen as they stared into

That swirling abyss.


The winds picked up, the Hurricane King

Truth. Logos. Sophia.

The end of the world as we know it.


Let it sink in, let it drive your blood

Let it mix into your soul with the viscosity of mud

See the whirlpool within yourself

Fade into nothing.


Final false calm. Leviathan’s Rising.

TRECE : Breaking Dawn (No Sparkles Here).

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It’s 7AM on this cloudy day

The dawn that began is well underway

A waking world lingers in stillness

Solar warmth shrouded in nimbus

The clouds part and suddenly I see

Everything moving in minute familiarity

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”, I asked Sir Sol

“And why do you intrude upon me, if I may be so bold?”

“Awaken”, he said, “for the day has begun”

“If you walk now you won’t be the last one”

So I looked to the east and I looked to the west

Then I look upwards, and I thought that best

So I left the earth and mused to myself

“Did I leave my wallet and keys on the shelf?”

But then a thought struck me, as well as a bird

I shrugged off the feathers while muttering “Absurd”

This is a new world, a new plane of existence

“Give yourself up, for futile is resistance”

The faint final snicker at that silly forced rhyme

Lingered in the mind like a long-lost dime

Then I snapped out of it, stopped being so mad

And the Dragon said to himself, “Hey soaring’s not so bad~”

TROIS : Jigsaw.

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Mirrors : The Beginning

Lookin out the window, the hanged man sways somber
I dream of the day I’d see a man of great caliber
In the mirror

Take the time to reflect on your cockiness
The world doesn’t always belong to your holiness
Some days it pays to walk with the people
If only for the fresh set of eyes
With which you’ll discern the myriad lies
Of the world in the mirror

This is what the world is, seen from within
This is what breathes beneath your skin
This life we live, lookin on reflections thin
Behind the glasses of our countless tears
Behind the shimmering silver of the mirror

Chains (?) under Moon(less)

In this field under a moonless sky
I’m bound to the earth, left to die
Can’t scream, can’t possibly cry
This tongue’s long ago withered up dry
I stare into space
I stare an escape
Wishful thinking’s as good as blunt knives

Let me up
Let my fly
Let me run under rays of light
I can’t savor this pain no longer
Anxiety’s dragging me down again
Under this moonless sky

DEUX : Pages of Memories.

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Who will take your hand in the dark
When you slap away anyone who’s made a mark
Won’t you stop driving into overkill
There’re hearts in this world that won’t grind your soul at the mill

It ain’t all rainbows and butterflies, I know
Good god it’s so difficult to blame them when they go

In a city of cloudless nights
The windows scream with darkened glass
Crying silent tears

Running between alleys, I find solace
A balm for an empty heart
That motion keeps me from seeing
The black windows all ablur

A blare of sounds, cacophony of light
Senses broken into bare components
Brightness consumed in surreal anger
Like it’s always been there

Bathe me in light, shower me in grace
Give me the power to stand still
I want to fly above the skyline
Towards that moonless, cloudless
Dizzyingly boundless ocean in the stars.

Every time that I look in the mirror
The lies I told stare back with anger
Remorseless, insidious
Break me my vessels so that we may dance

Are we philosophers?
Or maybe just liars
As children are burned and elders broken
We cry ourselves to sleep over absolutely nothing

Run. Run back home
Here there be demons
Dark sides of our humanity
Born witness to this age
That fathers lament

Resolve your issues
There’s no one to do it for you

In this town there’s an avenue
Where we used to meet, just me and you
The moon would shine on the path ahead
We lived a life in a city dead

I would philosophize, you’d cry aloud
We lived in a moment of eternity
I’d take you away from the noisy crowd
On pavements cold we’d kiss silently

O memory, so blissfully
You smile and snicker to my face
As I make my way down this winding alley
Immersing myself in distant familiarity

UN : Incomplete Whole.

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A light at the end
A sky filled with stars
A heart dark without repent
The ocean’s bottom.

Sail out to sea and scale the mountains
Find yourself an eagle, a dragon
Spread your wings and stretch your feet
Let the sorrows shed and fly in the sky

Dig deep into a soul
Uncover a piece of stolen gold
Shine the skies to bright Cerulean
As one walks home beside the ocean


Search the sky to find a sign
A crest of love in a forsaken world

How did I end up like this?
Why can’t I stir up my hurricane
Again. Forever.
Or Nevermore?

Step into my shoes and walk a mile.
Everyone’s so small, every mountain absurdly high.

Run me through with your blade of joy
Sorrow’s coursing through my veins like cancer.

Reading the words of yesteryear
Takes one back to that strange time
When what was, is no longer

Take me, Time, back a few steps
Give me a punch and a kick
To slap myself silly

Lessons are learned in hindsight, 20/20
It’s clearer.

Pour me a cup of common sense
It goes good with this Idealism

DUA : Malam dan Mimpi.

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Di sini kubertafakur
Di bawah fana, di atas maya
Menggapai kefahaman dari keduanya
Tidak pernah menerima
Walau satu.

Setiap kuberlangkah
Mengurangkan kebingungan, tidak
Peta bak dicoret kebelakang
Pencarian yang tak sudah

Satu impian kulahirkan
Tadahkan, dambakan
Berikanku kuasa
Untuk menggubah jalan sendiri

Benteng-benteng bisa kuruntuh
Dengan kekuatan semata
Pilihan tiada erti
Apabila boleh mencari sendiri

Bolehkan aku menjadi Raksasa.